Yaka­ta is a grape-grow­ing and wine­mak­ing as­so­ci­a­tion which in­cor­po­rates, in the ca­pac­i­ty of its mem­bers, wineries of the re­gion of the Ro­dop­s­ka Ya­ka (the Rho­do­pean Col­lar). This is an area at the foot of the Rho­dope Moun­tains, or the sun­lit strip of land that stretch­es along the moun­tains – from the riv­er Chaya to the riv­er Vacha, and south of the riv­er Mar­it­sa to the Rho­dope Moun­tains. The re­gion is char­ac­ter­ized by spe­cif­ic pe­cu­liar­i­ties of soil and cli­mate, which distin­guish it from the rest of the wine-pro­duc­ing re­gions. It owes its unique­ness to the com­bi­na­tion of such fac­tors as the struc­ture of our soils, tem­per­a­ture, air hu­mid­i­ty and amount of rain­fall. Th­ese fac­tors are sig­ni­f­i­cant­ly in­flu­enced by both the ge­o­graph­i­cal lo­ca­tion in the south of Bul­garia and the proxim­i­ty to the Rho­dope Moun­tains, the Mediter­ranean Sea etc.

The ter­ri­to­ry cov­ered by Yaka­ta was dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed as a mi­crore­gion with ex­cep­tio­n­al­ly favourable con­di­tions for de­vel­op­ment of wine-pro­duc­tion as ear­ly as 1996 by an in­ter­na­tio­n­al team of sci­en­tists in­clud­ing the French ex­pert Prof. D-r Jean-Claude Jac­quinet, with the sup­port of the Unit­ed Na­tions and the Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture of the Re­public of Bul­garia. How­ev­er, it was not then that the his­to­ry of our re­gion be­gan. Ac­tu­al­ly, the foun­da­tions were laid 5,000 years ago when the Thra­cians made wine in th­ese lands – a fact that rates us among one of the first wine-pro­duc­ing re­gions in the world.

Our ob­jec­tive is, by means of as­so­ci­a­tion of the wineries in Yaka­ta, to be able to pre­sent to our clients’ at­ten­tion a re­gion with a dif­fer­ence - more spe­cif­ic and dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed, a re­gion that would guar­an­tee the prop­er­ties of the wine of­fered on the grounds of strict mem­ber­ship cri­te­ria, among which are the fol­low­ing: pos­ses­sion of own win­ery in Yaka­ta, pos­ses­sion of own vine­yards within the boun­daries of Yaka­ta, pro­duc­tion of wine main­tain­ing the high­est pos­si­ble stan­dards and un­com­pro­mis­ing­ly high qual­i­ty.

Exellence from grape to glass