Dishes Typical of the Plovdiv Region


Babek from Tsalapitsa

Babek from Tsalapitsa


1 kg pork

20 g salt

1 tbsp crushed dill

3 g black pepper

20 g red pepper (powder)

500 g pork tripe



Chop the meat in­to small pie­ces. Mince it rough­ly or chop it fine­ly with a chop­per, add some salt and leave it for one night. (You can do with­out leav­ing it).

Add the sea­son­ing and mix the mix­ture well. Stuff the tripe very care­ful­ly, with no air left at all. Sew it up or tie it tight­ly at both sides. Place the babek for 5 or 6 days above a fire­place to get it smoked. Then hang it to dry up in a dry and airy place. The babek is ready to use in 3 or 4 months. Its ab­so­lute­ly de­li­cious if grilled on coals.