Dishes Typical of the Plovdiv Region


Chicken with plums

Chicken with plums


1 chicken (appr. 1 kg)

½ tea cup (100 ml) vegetable oil

(250 g) onions

3 - 4 (250 g) red tomatoes

2 tea cups (300 g) dried plums

1 tsp (5 g) red pepper (powder)

1 tsp (10 g) sugar

1 tbsp (10 g) flour




Clean, rinse and chop the chick­en in­to pie­ces, then fry it gent­ly in the oil. Add the fine­ly chopped onions, the peeled and fine­ly chopped to­ma­toes, the red pep­per pow­der, a cou­ple of tea cups of hot wa­ter and salt. When the meat soft­ens, add the plums, pre­soaked in wa­ter. When the plums soft­en, add the flour pre-roast­ed and di­lut­ed with some wa­ter and the su­gar. In about ten min­utes, re­move the dish from the heat and it is ready to serve.