Dishes Typical of the Plovdiv Region


Gyuvetch, the Thracian Style

Gyuvetch, the Thracian Style


600 g lamb (from a shoulder)

250 g rice

4 tomatoes

2 carrots

2 red peppers

1 green pepper

40 g butter

300 ml beef stock

2 or 3 tbsp sunflower oil

3 sticks spring onion

1 bunch fresh parsley

2 sticks fresh celery




Cut the lamb in­to 4 pie­ces.  Heat some sun­flow­er oil and but­ter.

Put the meat in­to the fry­ing pan, ini­tial­ly with no stir­ring. Add some salt and fry for about 7 min. un­til the meat gets red­dish from all sides, then trans­fer it in­to an earthen­ware pot.

In the same fat, fry the onions and car­rots, rough­ly chopped. In one minute, add the to­ma­toes chopped in small cubes, and in three min­utes pour 300 ml hot beef stock, then add the fine­ly chopped fresh cel­ery in­to the fry­ing pan.

Trans­fer the prod­ucts in­to the earthen­ware pot and cook for about 30 min in a medi­um oven, pre­heat­ed to 180° C. In half an hour, add the rough­ly chopped red pep­pers and sim­mer for another 20 min.

Next, add the rice, pre­vi­ous­ly rinsed, cov­er with sliced to­ma­toes and pour 500 ml of hot wa­ter.  

Put some salt and sim­mer for another 30 min. un­til the rice swells up. Sprin­k­le with fresh fine­ly chopped pars­ley. The dish is ready to serve.