Dishes Typical of the Plovdiv Region


Lamb, the Garden Style

Lamb, the Garden Style


750 glamb (mutton) 

100 ml (½ tea cup) vegetable oil
25 g butter
2 onions (50 g)
1 ½ tbsp flour (15 g)
1 tbsp tomato pure (20 g)
1 tbsp red pepper  (5 g)
1 or 2 red tomatoes (100 g)
2 or 3potatoes (200 g)
3 tbsp peas (50 g)
1 handful green beans (50 g)
1 carrot (50 g)

5 or 6 fresh mushrooms (50 g)
¼ celery stick

½ bunch parsley
5 hot peppers
black pepper



Chop the meat in­to small pie­ces and stew it in the veg­etable oil and a lit­tle wa­ter, to­gether with the fine­ly chopped onions, the flour and the to­ma­to pure. Sprin­k­le with the red pep­per and stir well, pour in some hot wa­ter, add some salt and al­low it to boil gent­ly to­gether with the cel­ery, car­rots, green beans, peas and the mush­rooms cut in­to strips and pre-stewed in the but­ter. In 20 min., add the sliced po­ta­toes. When the po­ta­toes soft­en, add the peeled and fine­ly chopped to­ma­toes and hot pep­pers. Sprin­k­le with the fine­ly cut pars­ley and put in the oven. Serve the dish sprin­k­led with black pep­per.