Dishes Typical of the Plovdiv Region


Small Sarmi

Small Sarmi


1 kg mince meat (best if you could make it yourself)

1 tea cup rice

2-3 tbsp sunflower oil

salt, black pepper, red pepper (powder), cumin (to your taste)

cabbage leaves

vine leaves

chopped cabbage (to cover the base of the saucepan with)

1 tea cup cabbage sauce

* it would be better if the leaves are soft and thin



It makes no dif­fer­ence how you pre­pare the sar­mi - whether us­ing cab­bage or vine leaves. The on­ly dif­fer­ence is in the way of fold­ing.  

First spread well the cab­bage leaves, one on top of the other, then cut them in­to strips about 5 cm wide, across the ribs. Us­ing th­ese strips, you will be able to roll and fold the leaves very eas­i­ly and quick­ly. Fol­low­ing the same method, you can pre­pare the vine leaves, too, if they are too large. You can cut them in half. What is im­por­tant is that in di­am­e­ter, the leaf should be as big as a tea cup. Of course, the size men­tioned is ap­prox­i­mate, but keep in mind that this type of sar­mi have to be very small. 

Af­ter th­ese sim­ple pre­pa­ra­tions, us­ing your hand, mash the mince meat and add the rice, the sun­flow­er oil and the sea­son­ing. Take a cof­fee spoon and scoop some of the meat. Put the meat at the be­gin­n­ing of the strip, roll it a cou­ple of times and make in­to a lit­tle par­cel. Press gent­ly the par­cel on your palm and put it on­to the sau­ce­pan, pre­vi­ous­ly cov­ered with the chopped cab­bage.

Make sure you put the parcels (the sar­mi) close to one another to pre­vent them from falling apart.