Imagine the map of Eu­rope… Yaka­ta lies on the 42 par­al­lel in the North­ern hemi­sphere. Or, to put it another way, it shares the same lat­i­tude with one of the most fa­mous wine-pro­duc­ing re­gions in Eu­rope. This par­al­lel al­so pass­es through the three penin­su­las of South­ern Eu­rope – the Ibe­rian Penin­su­la, the Italian Penin­su­la and the Balkan Penin­su­la, or, in other words, through North­ern Spain, Cen­tral Ita­ly and South­ern Bul­garia. Yaka­ta is char­ac­ter­ized by the val­ley at the foot of the Rho­dope Moun­tains, and con­sists of both flat and hil­ly parts. Its rolling hills seem to be “merg­ing” in­to one another, pro­vid­ing a per­fect van­tage point for the spec­tac­u­lar and in­spir­ing sunset views. The al­ti­tude ranges be­tween 100 and 300 me­ters.

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Another dist­inc­tive fea­ture of this re­gion is the in­flu­ence of the sur­round­ing seas which, al­though not si­t­u­at­ed in close proxim­i­ty, defi­nite­ly leave their im­print on the mi­cro­cli­mate. The Mediter­ranean Sea, for ex­am­ple, ac­counts for the com­par­a­tive­ly mild win­ter, as well as the warmer spring and au­tumn. One of the sym­bols of Yaka­ta is rep­re­sent­ed by the Rho­dope Moun­tains, with their har­mo­nious charm, majes­ty and splen­dour. This moun­tain range marks our south­ern bor­der.

The re­gion takes pride in its rich tra­di­tionsin wine-pro­duc­ing which has been prac­tised here for mil­len­nia. Ev­ery house­hold in the towns and vil­lages in Yaka­ta grows their own grapevines, and both the grape har­vest and Tri­fon Zarezan are re­spect­edcele­bra­tions and cher­ished feast oc­ca­sions. Equal­ly im­pres­sive are the arche­o­log­i­cal sites that the re­gion abounds with. The ci­ty of Plov­div, the re­gion’s biggest and most vi­brant ci­ty, is full of his­to­ry that cov­ers a pe­ri­od of 6,000 years back in time. It is this fact that just­ly rates Plov­div as one of the old­est ci­ties in the world, as well.